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A SR:PR (Site Record:Personal Record) ratio is equivalent to (SR / player's score) for a particular track. This ratio is 1.0000 when the player holds the SR. The further the score from the SR, the smaller the ratio (ratios closer to 1 are better). This chart shows the averages of these ratios.

Both the SRPR and AF scores reward consistency - a single weak score can negatively affect you in a big way. These scores fluctuate constantly, since they change when you overtake someone (or someone overtakes you) in any of the 36 charts. The ARR score is different to the two indicators above, since it will not change unless you beat a new standard. This means that other players settings new PRs will not affect your score, but will probably affect your position on in this table. Certain player titles may be awarded based on your ARR score.

Your SR:PR ratio will improve when you get a PR (unless you improve on your own SR, in which case it stays same... but everyone else drops). Your ratio will worsen only when somebody sets a new SR.

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Rank Player Country Score
1 Justin Zimmermann Switzerland 0.9868
2 FGTurismo21 Italy 0.9484
3 luca103 Italy 0.9483
4 Alessandro Mastroianni Italy 0.9438
5 Kojiro Brazil 0.9411
6 Veneto Nasion DC Italy 0.9373
7 Matte Italy 0.9366
8 Niklas Nyberg Finland 0.9283
9 NyXx France 0.9108
10 Tapi Japan 0.9100
11 BlitzPhoenix98 Serbia 0.9099
12 miabua73 Sweden 0.9080
13 clody95 Italy 0.9035
14 greendayseb France 0.9026
15 sambennettctr England 0.8997
16 Pask Italy 0.8939
17 piccolomone Italy 0.8900
18 Player_ITA Italy 0.8899
19 Dh73 Italy 0.8776
20 ZenNature United States 0.8563
22 RevliX France 0.8408
25 ewillyyy United States 0.8044
27 Saphir France 0.7759
29 Crashtag France 0.7536

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